Meal delivery 

Metabolic Misunderstanding

Everybody burns calories at a different rate; therefore it is imperative that we identify your RMR (resting metabolic rate). This allows us to see how many calories you should be ingesting a day. This is not done by some quick survey, but rather a test that includes you breathing into a calorimeter that measures how many calories your body burns daily. This test is very accurate and one of the few ways to gather important information needed for a successful meal plan.

Portion Control

The RMR test allows us to plan your portions. Putting your results to work, we strategically portion your meals through the day so you feel satisfied without over eating.


Sometimes we don’t have enough of it. Many occurrences distract us from maintaining a healthy rate of consumption. Often we have to skip meals, rush eating, or sacrifice healthy choices for unhealthy ones because the amount of time that we dedicate to nourishing ourselves is limited. By having fresh, delicious, healthy choices available when you are ready to eat, you allow yourself to be successful.


For your body to keep a healthy rate of caloric expenditure it needs to eat several times a day. If you go too long without food your body may think you are fasting and then it will store all the food you eat for the purpose of survival. Consuming the five meals a day that we provide for you ensures your body will burn calories all day long.


The Iron Lotus meal service provides you the ability to have the best quality foods no matter where you are. Organic foods, all natural foods, or conventional foods are available.