by Matt Basso | February 2012

Why Aren’t I Losing Weight Anymore??!!




I get this question very often. Many times it's from someone who has lost a lot of weight and seems to hit a plateau but sometimes it from someone who is just trying to lose that last 5-10 pounds. Usually the person asking is looking for a simple answer...But there isn't one. Yes, I can give you basic fatloss guidelines, but until I have specific information like your current height and weight, or your body fat (body composition), your current exercise program, and your current nutrient intake, I can't guarantee results... That's why we have nutrition coaching and nutrition programming (with meal delivery) at Iron Lotus PT. You really DO need to look at every variable to guarantee results.

Fat loss may result from simple calorie in calorie out tactics, however your results would be faster, longer lasting, and all around better if you had a great fatloss exercise program and combined it with the proper nutrition and the proper nutrition timing...Yes, I said nutrition timing! It's not just what you eat, it's when you eat it.

You should be excited though!! Why?! Because very soon I will be releasing a free 12 week training program that will help you get stronger, have more endurance, and BURN FAT!!! And not just kinda burn fat... I mean really turn the furnace on and melt the fat off your body!!!

When you combine my exercise program (which will be available to download in PDF form from my site) with a great nutrition plan (which you could sign up for through Iron Lotus PT) you are guaranteed results.

I am really excited to share this exercise program with you, so I had to start talking about it,..BUT I'll leave you with 3 great fat loss tips for today so you have something to start working on.

Fat Burn Strategies

1. Instead of thinking reps all the time, think time. Ex.  Do a set of body weight squats (any exercise really) for 30 secs. Take note of the amount you did and beat that number in the next 30 sec set.

2. Take in one gram of protein per pound of body weight during the day to maintain lean muscle mass so your metabolism stays strong!

3. Get a massage!! The hormone cortisol plays a role in fat production...So if you're stressed it's going to be harder to burn fat. A massage once a month won't break the bank!

For more Info on when to expect the FREE 12 WEEK EXERCISE PROGRAM CLICK THE LINK BELOW!


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