by Matt Basso | March 2012

What is Autophagy?

 Have you ever heard of autophagy?     Yeah, Probably not grin

The more research I do, the more I realize that exercise is the key to anti-aging and living healthy. There is no magic pill or magic drink...Yet wink (I'm working on it)


Good ol'fashion hard work and discipline are still the best ways to get healthy!

Back to autophagy: Exerting yourself triggers reactions in your body that can boost your immune system, decrease inflammation, fight of disease, and even battle the horrible aging process.

Autophagy is Basically the process within our body that allows for regeneration or rejuvenation of cells... A recycling of cells if you will.

 While it's still being studied heavily, and it's not completely understood, it does happen, and it's beneficial for our bodies.

If you think about it, changing things at the cellular level is what were always trying to achieve. If you could take useless, diseased, or even dead cells, break them down, harvest useful parts and create new ones you’re on your way to defying the aging process.

 The best news is that exercise seems to induce an autophagic response.

 I would argue based on what I’ve read, specific kinds of workouts and nutritional programs could increase the bodies autophagic response.  I say this because just as there are ways to utilize exercises to burn fat or gain muscle there’d be strategies to trigger this response in the body. Most of the time when you’re trying to achieve specific goals let’s say for example fat loss, you’re really trying to control hormones ( insulin and cortisol for ex.) involved in fat storage.  In order to do that you'd use a certain kind of exercise program... Because performing exercises in a particular tempo or with certain other exercises can help with a hormonal response that’s beneficial to your body.

If we know that consistent exercise can help our bodies use it's own systems to prevent aging, it's just plain stupid to not take action.


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Autophagy is an essential, homeostatic process by which cells break down their own components. Perhaps the most primordial function of this lysosomal degradation pathway is adaptation to nutrient deprivation. However, in complex multicellular organisms, the core molecular machinery of autophagy — the 'autophagy proteins' — orchestrates diverse aspects of cellular and organismal responses to other dangerous stimuli such as infection. Recent developments reveal a crucial role for the autophagy pathway and proteins in immunity and inflammation. They balance the beneficial and detrimental effects of immunity and inflammation, and thereby may protect against infectious, autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.

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