by Matt Basso | March 2016

The Unwritten (unspoken) Rules of Fitness

Recently a Client mentioned that she had a meeting at work with some outside consultants. This happened because there are some changes in upper management happening within her corporation. In that meeting one of the questions she was asked was "Are there any unwritten rules"?...


At the time my client said she didn't have an answer. The question made sense but things didn't click at that moment and she said no.


When she returned home that night she mentioned this interaction to her husband. He, in a much more objective position said "of course there are unwritten rules"...


Stay Late

Come in early

Allow interruptions

Work on your day off

Answer emails all the time

Be given more work than you can physically do



You get the point.


Soooo those rules suck but are probably very true at many big corporations. Either way it got me thinking about what the possible unwritten rules about fitness are. Turns out there are a lot, but I made a SnapChat video about three only... For now.


They don't suck as much because we're talking about your fitness and health, not corporate bull shit....


BUTT they can be hard to talk about because they all allude to a necessary sense of urgency.


Watch what I mean here in my video

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