by Matt Basso | March 2012

The New 12 Week Program. Use it to get in shape for the summer

   As many of you may know I just released the New 12 Week Program on my website.  Currently you can download this program for free, but I would do it quickly because it's getting so much attention that I may start to charge for. The New 12 Week Program is a perfect combination of strengthening your body, toning your muscles, and burning fat. I found a way to combine exercise routines over a 12 week period that'll get you amazing results.

  It doesn't matter if you are a male or female, if you're looking to build muscle or just tone, or if you're just looking for general fitness.  The exercise routines in this program can be manipulated to reach many different fitness goals.

 I strategically released this program about 12 weeks out from summer. You can use this program over any 12 week period,  however summer is approaching rapidly and if you want to look good while strutting around in your bathing suit on the beach, you need a plan. I have written before about how it's never too late to get in shape for the summer but the sooner you start the better off you are.


In addition to  giving this program out for free, I will also be doing free coaching via my Facebook page located here

  I will try and vary the times that I sign on to do the coaching. During this Q&A you can ask me anything fitness related especially as it relates to the New 12 Week Program.

  When you download the program PDF if you scroll all the way down to  the last page you will find links to exercise videos on my website. I decided to include videos for every exercise that's on the program to further help you be successful in reaching your fitness goals. Even though I included these links you should do your best to communicate with me so that all your questions can be answered.

This program has everything:

- The major movements like squats, deadlifts, and shoulder presses.

-  Fat burn circuits

-  Reverse pyramids

-  Barbell complexes


 Remember... Summer is rapidly approaching. Maybe you've been able to stick to your fitness goals, but maybe you haven't. Here's the extra help you're looking for. My gift to you is this fitness program.  Follow it, eat well,  and I guarantee you will feel and look better.






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