by Matt Basso | July 2012

The DBX3 Functional Fat Loss Program


You Need Functional Fat Loss

Scientifically,  DBX3 Functional Fat Loss is a strategic system of exercise and nutrition that helps you to reduce body fat and increase lean muscle while using movements that directly relate to how your body works biomechanically.

Philosophically, DBX3 Functional Fat Loss is a way to integrate fitness into your life seamlessly so you can be consistent and guarantee results.


The program has 60 workouts over 3 training phases. Discover metabolic resistance training, strength training, body weight conditioning, kettlebell swings, HiiT training, recovery cardio, and core training.

Included in the DBX3 Program are 3 instructional fat loss conditioning videos and 2 instructional videos about kettlebell swings and home workout integration.

Additionally, DBX3 comes with an original sound track that is at a strategic kettlebell swing and body weight fat burn tempo. It provides awesome beatz to motivate you and keep you moving.



No program is complete without a way to track... Click to read more


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