by Matt Basso | October 2011

Take Action

"I'd rather attempt to do something great and fail than to attempt to do nothing and succeed" 

Robert H Schuller


Todays quote I find particularly relevant as it relates to many conversations that I've had recently with either new clients or old friends. These conversations are basically about change. Everyone reaches a point where they find themselves fed up. It could be with their job, their health, etc... The point is they are ready to move on and make a change  BUT for some reason they convince themselves that there is a perfect time or a perfect scenario that they need to wait for to take action.

Simply Put: If there were a perfect time to take action, it would be right now!

You cannot predict the future and nothing is definite...You can however watch time pass you bye and miss opportunities and convince yourself that the stars are going to align perfectly in order to guarantee success. Don't fall into this trap ! If you wait, you'll find yourself in the same situation that you are in now, except you'll be older.

Take Action Today!!




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