by Matt Basso | July 2012

Recovery and Results

I get very excited when I start training new clients in new places. Not only do I get to change my new clients health and physique, but also it gives me an opportunity to engage in conversation with others in the gym that are intrigued with the exercises and programs I’m executing with my new client.

It becomes obvious very quickly that I implement effective programming because my new client get results fast. This sparks questions from those around us.

A gentleman asked me about efficient fast fat loss…Surprise wink

Anyway turns out he was/is hitting the gym twice a day at least 3 times week.

For most people this is just too much. Yes, you’ll burn more calories but if you are spending that much time in the gym your programming needs to be flawless and your nutrition needs to be perfect… And it’s not.

My point is that recovery is overlooked in most peoples “exercise program”

Proper recovery plays a huge role in getting results. If you are over training not only will you not reach your goals, but also you may even retain fat and get sick.

Quick Facts:

1-It probably takes 2 weeks to completely heal from a very intense workout. This doesn’t mean to give yourself 2 weeks off between workouts…I putting it out there so you understand that all programs need de-loading figured in order to fully recover, adapt, and come back stronger.

2- If you are working out consecutive days you should either split daily routines into upper or lower. If you do full body work then the second day should be way less intense with much lower volume or a recovery workout.

3- You can notice if you aren’t recovered from the previous day/days workouts if

  • Things you would normally do seem harder
  • Your heart rate spikes during exercises or activity that normally doesn't cause you to be very winded


How To Recover Properly:

1-    Sleep well.  During sleep your body releases growth hormone, which is largely responsible for the repair of damaged tissue. You need a deep sleep for your body to begin this process.

2-    Activate the damaged tissue. The morning following your hard workout perform your warm ups. This gets the blood flowing to the damaged area but doesn’t over work the same tissue.

3-    Stretch. Stretching after your workout is a great way to cool down and get blood flow to your over worked muscles

4-    Ice. I would argue that after any physical exertion you are going to have inflammation…Even if you don’t see it. Ice will help bring the inflammation down and relieve soreness

5-    Replace nutrients and fluids. Diet is always important, but getting proper recovery requires well thought out food choices. Drink A LOT of water to help remove waste products and stay hydrated. Eat high protein meals and snacks to rebuild the broken tissue.



Remember Exercise breaks down the body so that is can come back stronger. Recovery is where you see the great results from your hard work.

Don’t use this information as an excuse to under train or miss workouts…Use it to be more strategic about your exercise program.

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