by Matt Basso | January 2011

Performance Enhancing

In the field I'm in excuses are abundant. I've heard every reason in the world you could possibly think of why someone couldn't do something.  Time, the kids, work....the list goes on. That something may have been exercise, eating well, or even simply making a Dr.'s appointment. I've been guilty of excuse making myself...Everyone has done it.

While it's important to manage all of your intentions, today I wanted to let you know about two simple tools I sometimes use to get myself going for a workout.

If I'm feeling tired and a bit lethargic before a workout I'll drink a cup of green tea about 35-40mins before I hit the weights. I like to use this time interval because I feel the tea doesn't really go to work until it has been completely absorbed. I would have to say that people who drink caffeinated beverages and claim to have an immediate response are probably experiencing a placebo effect. I should also add that I try to have the tea on an empty stomach to increase the rate of absorption.

Green tea not only gives me a caffeine boost but it is rich in antioxidents and tastes great. Even though green tea has a strong presence in the mainstream media I usually don't see people choosing to use it before a workout. So many people drink energy drinks instead. I HATE ENERGY DRINKS!! In my opinion tea is healthier. Always try to get quality (grown organically, or at least free of certain chemicals) tea.

Try green tea from

My second suggestion today is an app on my iphone. I have no affiliation with the company, I just downloaded this app on a whim because it sounded interesting. I found it a few weeks ago while I was scarfing down some yummy egg whites.

When I'm eating alone my iphone is my go to entertainment.

Anyway, while perusing the app category "healthcare and fitness"...I know, big surprise...I saw a graphic of a brain. I like brains grin.... so I clicked it. Then I saw the word Binaural....Which is a great word, so I read on. Long story short, this app claimed to have a library of brainwave frequencies that when listened to could help with focus, energy, memory and even sleep. Because I'm always looking for ways to enhance performance naturally, and because it had a 4 star rating I sprung for the $1.99.

I do not regret it!

I have used this app many times in the short time I've had it. I'm not sure if I get energized because the tones are working on my brain or if they are annoying and get me fired up, but either way I like what it's done for me.

I use it while I'm doing my warmup for exercise.

I have also used it for sleep. The nice thing is that if you don't like the brainwave tones, you can listen to ambient sounds like waves crashing or a thunderstorm. I find those sounds very relaxing.

If you are interested, the app is called  "Brain Wave" and it's by Banzai Labs

Do you have any suggestions on natural ways to get fired up for a workout or maybe even sleep better?

If so please let me know.



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