by Matt Basso | November 2018

Music To Help Your Daily Breathing Routine Flow

Music can make an experience much better. Sound does this in a variety of ways from triggering a memory to causing a reaction in your brain.


I tried to help you get into a daily breathing routine with an easy 5 min flow in my last post.


When you're trying to get into a flow with your breathing I find it helps to have music that creates a nice ambiance but doesn't distract you from your mindset and focus. Not quite elevator music, but nothing with too many lyrics.


As a general rule if I'm looking for new music for my Wim Hof practice or just breathing flow, my go to search is for Kundalini music. A search for this will usually yield solid results. You'll get a lot of suggestions but don't be over whelmed just sample a few tracks and pick something that sounds good to you.


Here's one of my go to playlists for breathing...

My itunes Breathing Music

If you like piano tones with interesting sound scapes here's a suggestion from youtube...

Jon Hopkins - Immunity


This is very subjective and hopefully this puts you on track to find something you can use to help trigger your flow. Try different things and see if you can feel a difference between music with different feels. Maybe you'll like rhythmic songs with a focus on percussion or maybe you'll find that stringed instruments really help you flow into focus.


I hope this helps!

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