by Matt Basso | June 2011

Is it too late to get in shape for summer?

It's Friday June 10th and I feel the need to address a question that I seem to get around the same time every year...

Is it too late to get in shape for summer?

Inevitably I get this question every summer at different times. I'm not sure if this question is really a mask for "tell me what I need to do to get in shape fast" or if it's a genuine sense of feeling that it's too late to make any positive changes.

I recently wrote a blog where I discuss the thought process of consistently making the right decisions about food as being a benefit over reoccurring "diets" and/or fasting haphazardly as opposed to using intermittent fasting.  After reflecting on that bit of writing, I believe strongly that your behavior dictates how you view the idea of what "too late" is.

Thinking it's "too late" to do anything is really just being stuck in the mindset that time or time frames can dictate the actions you take...So, in other words

Time becomes yet another excuse to explain why you didn't take action

Time doesn't control you and the actions you take or don't take... You Do!!

The point is No...It's not too late to get in shape for the summer. Starting now would be the best decision, as it will not only allow for better immediate results, but it also gets the fly wheel spinning in the direction of fit. However, If for some reason (maybe a recent injury or medical problem, family matters, etc etc) you can't start your "summer exercise routine" until August 10th...I suggest you begin it then. The worst case scenario is that you look better and are healthier by the end of August. I'm gonna hammer my point even further by saying JUST START...The date is irrelevant, it's your attitude and behavior that will dictate your success.

Some positive points to end on grin

1. Your body responds to new stimulus quickly. What I'm saying is that you can make some very favorable changes to your body quickly before you hit a plateau.

2. If you combine being more conscience about the food you eat AND start exercising... you will notice big changes fast!

3. Once you've begun taking positive actions, you are more likely to continue on the same path. getting into shape for the summer could result in getting in shape forever!

To get started visit my website for some basic exercises and check out my DBX3 90 day functional fat loss program. You can no longer use the "not enough time to workout" excuse.

Peace and Love


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