by Matt Basso | October 2013

Is Cancer a Metabolic Disease?

There are so many articles on cancer out there. It's hard to know which one's are actually worth reading.


I took a chance on this one and it was worth it!


I recently started a new business. It's called Moda di Vivere. Serendipitously this article came out in Sept, Just about the same time we've been releasing Moda Juice to the public. It's relevant because The Moda Juice philosophy is based on LESS SUGAR and FITNESS.


I don't want to go too much into Moda Juice here because the focus is on this article.


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This article is long so I've included some screen shots and quotes. It's worth reading the entire thing, but these can help you get the gist.
































As you can see I was reading this article for the first time on my iphone within facebook... I guess social media is good for something.


























There are so many important ideas in this article!

- Cells being fermenters = Bad!

- Fasting!!

































Here's the link to the article...

CLICK HERE: What Is The Origin of Cancer?

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