by Matt Basso | October 2012

Intensity Vs. Technique

I'm certainly a stickler for technique, but I have to say that it's the people that workout with intensity that get results.


It's become more and more apparnt to me, probably because of the release of my program DBX3 Functional Fat Loss, that having a plan and being able to execute with intensity are paramount when it come to getting fitness results.

Technique and safety are uber important and I'll never shy away from that, however I will say that I've seen some over thinking and under planning going on.

Ever notice how some of the people you see in the gym look good but have shit technique...That's what I'm talking about. See, although they have poor form and even worse exercise choice, they still hit it hard. Meaning they know where they want to go next, and they go from one exercise to the next with intent and perform it with great intensity.

Having the intention to work hard encourages you to map out your movement before you begin to exercise. This is particularly important when it comes to burning fat.

Creating an environment where you are going to get lean necessitates moving quickly from exercise to exercise.

AND...Fat Loss comes with executing every rep with intensity. DON'T JUST GO THROUGH THE MOTIONS!!!


My ultimate point is that having the greatest exercise program in the world means nothing if you

A: Don't consistently execute it


B: Don't execute it with intensity.

I don't care if you are using DBX3 or whatever, you need a plan so that you can move efficiently in the gym


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