by Matt Basso | December 2010

Goals….The only way to efficiency

The years of experience that I have of training has allowed me to observe human
behavioral patterns. The insights I gain from simply spending one on one time with people allow me to be a more effective trainer, especially as it relates to reprograming mindset.

Basically what I’m talking about is how most people overwhelm themselves with information and therefor make it very difficult to take action. This can happen in regards to any endeavor but certainly I see it very often with fitness.

The best way to thwart inefficiency due to information or emotional overload is simply to set a specific goal and focus on that only.

If for example you’re like me and enjoy reading a variety of websites, you can quickly find yourself trying to research 10 different subjects from 10 different sites you read. All of a sudden simply reading for pleasure requires a set of skills that help you manage time and energy so that you can be productive. If I don’t focus on one interesting topic at a time I usually walk away not having gained much useful knowledge from my reading. A bunch a random facts don’t usually make for great practical application. So...initially I set a simple goal of bookmarking 3 specific sites that relate to my interests and refer back as time allows.

Many people, even those with experience in exercise tend to “jump steps”....Meaning setting the long term end result goal only, and not the short term goals that create the map of success.

                                             Here are 5 Goal Musts

1- Write your goals down and put them somewhere you will constantly see them. I can’t stress this enough. If you don’t make your goals real by writing them down and making them part of your daily routine....they will die

2- You need short term goals. If you don’t set the initial short term goals and for some reason life gets in the way, which it always does, you are more likely to quit because you will miss the fact that your end result is an accumulation of many small changes you made not one big one.

3- Don’t make goal setting difficult. Anything actionable can be a goal...
    ex. Today after I’m done wasting my valuable time and hurting my beautiful joints by running on the treadmill, I will do 1 dumbbell exercise.
Don’t be distracted by wit here...1 dumbbell exercise is simple as opposed to trying to complete an entire dumbbell routine. Add one dumbbell exercise to your current workout, that’s it at first!! this is how you segue into an entire dumbbell routine.

4- Constantly reassess your goals so they remain realistic. Goals are supposed to be attainable. If you have over reached on your 1st goal, make it your stretch goal and rewrite your new short term goal.

5- Reward goal achievements and punish failure to follow through. Humans are a lot more like dogs then we would like to admit. We need accountability. If everything good goes unrewarded and everything bad goes unnoticed how do we differentiate.


Setting Goals using these simple concepts will make you a more efficient person. Day to day stimulus distracts us from achieving want we want. Use goals to stay on the right track. Having a blueprint eliminates pointless movement. Mistakes are corrected with ease and when you are better at focusing on specific actions you can make a process that seems mundane, enjoyable because you can quantify success. 

I’ll probably rant more about goals later. They are important! For now try to stick to these  5 simple goal concepts and have fun with it. You’ll be surprised how rewarding it is to see achievements in writing. 

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