by Matt Basso | July 2012

Goal Setting and Structure

Goal Setting and Structure

Lack of proper Goal setting and structure are probably the number 1 reasons for people failing to get to the body or fitness level they want.

Yesterday I was speaking with a trainer friend of mine about one of my online clients who has reached some major goals and basically been kicking ass. It’s nice to have some intelligent coaches around me to discuss things like periodization and adaptation.

As you could imagine the convo got pretty scientific. We geeked out hard on the technical aspects of designing programs that get results.

Anyway this online coaching client of mine is almost 50 and yet has gotten down to 13% body fat and lost about 15 lbs. Not to mention this client has a hip replacement and works out in a garage. Imagine if you took just 10 years off in age…

You may be even younger! It’s amazing what we are capable of.

So it’s not the results that I find amazing, it’s the fact that this client told me that my program has allowed for the most consistent progress over time. Better than any other program that was executed before…and this client has been working out for a while.

If you were to look at most people’s results from working out on a graph, you’d see mostly a line that stayed flat… Like a stock that you don’t want to own.

What you should see as a result of goal oriented and structured exercise is a line that moves like a great company. Up mostly with slight backing here and there representing when the company reinvests in itself and has slow cash flow, until the next boom, where it moves higher yet again.

The problem is that people don’t stick to, OR even use a program that is effective.

It’s not your fault either…I blame mass media.

So many times I hear about training programs on TV or the Internet that use what I call Bro Science… OR NO Science.


What does that mean?

If you are consistently doing something different every time you go to the gym, you don’t give your body time to get better at anything.

Yes, variation can be an excellent thing, however you have to know when to change directions in order to get results.

Some programs will just boast, “confuse your muscles and do something different every time”… What? What about practice makes perfect?

If you don’t work on a particular movement…like a squat for example, then you never get good at it. If you never master it, then your body won’t change because you lack the strength, kinestheticawareness, flexibility, mobility, and even CNS development to take that movement to the next level and change the way your body looks.

Ok enough of the scientific stuff…

The answer to what you need in order to get long lasting fat loss results and the body you want is a program that utilizes periodization.

Periodization is a fancy word that means you are breaking up your training program into different phases that happen over an extended period of time…For example my DBX3 program has 3 phases over 12 weeks.

This works well because you get your body to learn, adapt, and change in order to achieve a certain result. For example, you can get stronger, and then you move into the next phase, say fat loss and then Tone and firm and so on and so forth.

By stacking these training phases you achieve great results, is a shorter amount of time, with less chance of injury, AND CONSISTENT FAT LOSS!

Properly formed phases in a training program help you to consistently get results because each phase of training helps the next. It’s built like a strong house…a foundation, then walls, then multiple levels, and finally a roof.

Every time I design a program I account for the theory of periodization.

My DBX3 Functional Fat Loss Program is the epitome of periodization and progression. It’s a 12 week program broken into 3 phases that all focus on long lasting fat loss results but focus on different specific strategies to get you there. Phase 1 is more of a strength and fat loss, phase 2 is endurance and fat loss and phase 3 is a volume based fat loss approach.

  • In Phase 1, you are going to burn fat…however, you are also going to get stronger so you can handle more intense exercise and bust through phase 2
  • In Phase 2, you are going to get even stronger, ripped, and gain exceptional endurance so you can crush phase 3
  • In phase 3, you are going to be able to work out harder, doing more work in less time and basically become a fat burning fitness machine…PERIOD


Possibly the greatest part of this program is the fact that it teaches you the basics of periodization and YOU CAN REVISIT THE PHASES AND CYCLE OF THIS PROGRAM FOR YEARS IF YOU WANTED TO.

Oh Yeah DBX3 also includes:

-60 challenging workouts

-A nutritional guide and meal plan

-A functional fat loss video guide

-A program & results tracker

-A customized, original soundtrack designed to keep your tempo up

-If you are going to the gym and just doing random exercises you are never going to get the results you want.




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