by Matt Basso | May 2012

Functional Fat Loss

You know how when you think of Fat Loss you immediately think of run run running away on the traedmill at the gym...Like a Rat


You think of how you can only eat vegetables and grilles chicken...

That's NOT Functional Fat Loss

The idea of Functional Fat Loss as used in my new program DBX3 that shall be released very very soon, is that you want to use exercises/workouts that are based on functional movements...AND use functional meal choices and meal timing to fit into your life style, NOT a fad diet.

Functional exercises are simply exercises that closely mimic your everyday movement patterns

For example...One of my favs, the Squat Press

The squat press is a functional Fat Loss exercise because it's a movement that is likely to happen in real life...not just gym life

Lets say you're at home and you decide to move the box of printer paper from under your desk onto a shelf above your desk. Well, then you need to squat down (hopefully you are lifting with your legs) pick up the box and then rise out of your squat and lift the box over head and place it onto the shelf.

The squat press almost exactly mimics that movement pattern AND when done repeatedly with proper form and tempo it gets your body into fat loss mode.

As far as diet is concerned...And I hate that word diet because the connotation is that for a period of time your gonna do something stupid like only eat cookies to lose weight. When I talk diet, I'm getting at your healthy, but functional, manageable, and realistic life style eating habits.

Anyway, when it comes to functional fat loss through diet you simply need better planning...Half is meal timing and Half is meal choice. You can cheat...You just have to know when and how.

Being functional about your fat loss requires you to free your body of exercise machines and move freely as you would normally. Allowing your body to move as a unit.

Here is an example of some advanced functional fat loss exercises

Squat Chopping with a med ball is a great functional exercise that I use with my clients all the time.

It's a very dynamic movement that forces your body to work as one kinetic chain.

The squat chop can be a great functional fat loss exercise when paired with complimentary exercises within a workout.




Get started with your Functional Fat Loss!!

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