by Matt Basso | May 2011

Food and your Behavior.

 It's been a while now since I put a blog post up. Please forgive me... all three of you that actually read my blog grin

 Anyway,  it's been a busy year so far.  The reason I haven't put a post up in a while is because I've traveled quite a bit this year.  So, the time that I've been home has been spent focused on my clients.

 In February I went to Thailand for a few weeks  (you can see  some video on my site about that adventure)  and then I spent some time in California and Vegas.  My Thailand trip definitely has a ranking of number one in my travels so far. California is always awesome. Every time I'm there I think about moving out west. Vegas...Well... is Vegas.  I had a great time because I was with great friends who know how to party.

 Now that that's out of the way let's talk about...

Food and Your Behavior

  First things first... I just received this in e-mail from my newest nutrition/ meal delivery client.


After 6 weeks on your terrific meal program I lost  over 23 pounds, and still counting.

The food is extraordinary and the choices are wonderful.  I’m almost always satisfied and have few if any cravings.  I’ve added Jell-O to my daily intake – hardly any calories and it takes the edge off at night.  The two days ‘on my own’ help me to watch what I’m eating – smaller portions, none of the breads, deserts, potatoes, etc.

Please don’t hesitate to have anyone call me if you need a reference for anyone thinking of trying your program.  It’s a slam dunk.

See you Friday.


I know...Awesome!

 This e-mail sparked my thoughts for this blog. Lately I've been reading a lot, and studying up on nutrition practices, dieting, fasting, and just general fat loss techniques.  From this recent consumption of knowledge I've deduced that my original thought process about training and nutrition isn't going to change. You see, when it comes to nutrition, like anything else, you can get very technical (blood work, allergy tests, etc etc) or you can do your best to create a simple process that gets results.

 Most of the time when I see trainees fail to meet a goal it's not because of a tiny detail. It's usually because of poor behavioral patterns.

 What I find works for people is establishing consistency.

 If you can consistently make healthy choices then you're on your way to creating behavioral patterns that make it easy for you to make the decisions that are necessary to reach your fitness goals....Wow, thats a mouth full.

 Just as simply as you are programmed to wake up and brush your teeth... At least I hope you are... You can program your eating behavior so that "dieting" is unnecessary. I'm thoroughly convinced based off not only my experience with clients but with myself as well that the joy that is found in eating that doughnut or that piece of cake or the M&Ms isn't from the food itself but rather from the experience. For example... Cake... it may not be your weakness, but I think It illustrates my point well. Often times when cake is present it's because of  a celebration of some kind. A birthday, a wedding,  or maybe an anniversary. My point is that the actual experience of eating the cake is linked to the celebration and joy in that moment not necessarily because that cake is so damn good.  It then can create a memory or thought that drives you to that food (cake in this case) in the future simply because you want to relive that moment.

 What has to happen in order for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle (get the fat off, keep the fat off, feel great!)  is for you to find that joy and fulfillment  in healthier food. As I talk about this I'm not craving chocolate, or pie,  or ice cream... which are all things that I like, but rather I'm craving a piece of lean beef from a grass fed cow with some broccoli on the side...Yummy. When I eat that I feel great!

 If your only tool against fat loss is in consistent fad "dieting" or some other crash method that you only follow periodically, you will either make it very difficult for yourself to attain your goals or you'll never be able to  maintain a healthy weight.

 Don't get me wrong, if you need a jumpstart or you're in a very unhealthy situation using a cleanse could help with a jumpstart but I would say don't do it for longer than a week before you start to establish a more consistent pattern of eating.  In other words, if your eating pattern was represented by a line graph, you want it to look like a smooth undulating line headed in the right direction. You do not want it to look erratic with many highs and lows.

To sum things up...

Sometimes a cleanse is called for and intermittent fasting that is planned can work, but be consitent about your meal planning and make healthy choices.

Dieting or A Diet, In my opinion should be looked at as a long term plan...Not as something that ends like the South Beach diet or the Atkins diet. I don't even like the word because of its connotation.


Please let me know your thoughts.

Peace and Love


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