by Matt Basso | April 2012

A Family Fat Loss Story

I find that sometimes a story is a simple way to understand why we want to strive to be healthy. I want to continue on the fat loss theme with a story that a client wrote highlighting the importance of fat loss in order to avoid health complications.


Fat Loss Motivation


Joe Magnus knew how it began; first the slow trickle of sweat starting in his large messy hair, then the slow numbing pain in his jaw, and finally the tendons in his legs feeling like they wanted to explode out of his skin and lay limp on the floor. This was what Joe experienced during his treadmill run most of the time, but it was a pain he knew he had to go through.
To say Joe was massive would be an overstatement-while yes, he was big, he was far from massive. Growing up in the south bayous of Louisiana food had always been important in the life of Joe, and ever since his mother Joanne passed away it became a centerfold for both himself and for his dad Frank. Being a growing teenager Joe had a passion for food by default and his father Frank obliged happily because he truly was a massive man (and sadness from having someone die tends to open up people's stomachs wide). Frank always said to himself that he didn't want his son to end up like him, but misery loves company wether he recognized it or not and his son although not to blame fed off the dad and vice versa.
All was fun and games when they decided to make official days on what to eat: McDonald Mondays, Taco Bell Tuesdays, Wendy Wednesdays, Tortellini Thursdays, French Fry and Burger Friday, Sloppy Joe Saturday, and Sundae Sundays. But all good things must end eventually, and end they did in a catastrophic conundrum of events.
Right before the end of Joe's Junior Prom, Joe got a call from a Dr. Lambert about the situation of how his father collapsed in the middle of the doorway entrance to Carlos & Gabby's Fast Food. Joe's mouth opened in unbelief and ran out of his school undoing his tie as he ran down the hallways and towards his small car parked outside. He jumped in the car and felt his stomach hit the steering wheel, and he cursed his "fatness" realizing this had to lead to all the problems that were occurring now. Speeding out of the parking lot, he raced down toward the hospital.
Upon getting there he found his dad laying on a long stretcher, his belly almost covering his face like a mountain. The dad saw his son and motioned him over.
"Im so sorry son", the dad cried.
"Im the one who is isn't the end of the road, we can change these things around and not end up in this situation again!" the boy, Joe, exclaimed.
That was two years ago.
Now, Joe was still getting use to this whole running bit, but he was destined for greatness. Having lost one-hundred pounds he was on the road to recovery from his original ways-close behind him was Frank Magnus of whom followed in his sons footsteps into the healthy world and lost fifty pounds!
Both son and dad ran together and realized that for their health, this was the only way to live their lives so they can be around for each other and not have one die because of complications due to weight.


You can make changes and healthy fat loss is possible. You must believe in yourself and find ways to make fat loss happen for you. Use this story written by a client to motivate you to kick into high fat loss gear!

Please comment below...Especially if you have a story of your own.

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