by Matt Basso | February 2011

Burn Calories in 24inches of Snow!

 The weather here in New York is killing me. I've been determined for the last couple weeks to get outside and do some exercising outdoors. Finally last weekend I got motivated and purchased some snowshoes. Of course, I would've preferred to be snowboarding but I couldn't make it to any mountains.

 I found snowshoeing to be  moderately challenging, fun, and low impact. If you're someone who likes to walk outdoors or even run outdoors you'll definitely enjoy snowshoeing.

 There are many different kinds of exercises that you can use for fat loss. You can do long slow duration cardio for fat burn, you can do high intensity cardio  for fat burn, interval training on a bike or treadmill,  or even strength training for fat loss.  I'm a big supporter of longer slow duration cardio. It allows you to preserve your joints (knees, hips, and ankles). Of course, you won't always have time to do long-duration cardio. If you're in a rush and you want to be quick about your fat burn you'll probably choose something like interval training. However, if you enjoy being outdoors, you have an hour or two, and you're sick of being stuck inside because of all the snow, then carve out some time for some long slow duration cardio like snowshoeing.

 I estimate that I was able to burn 1200 to 1500  Calories during my snowshoe outing. That equals about 500 cal per hour!

 You don't have to be in the Rocky Mountains, simply go to your local park, strap on  the snowshoes and start walking.

 You can even run in your snowshoes!  Yes, I said run.  As I was returning to my car I tried jogging for a bit. It didn't feel that awkward...... It was quite difficult, but definitely doable with the snowshoes on.

 Another reason why I'm definitely going snowshoeing again...Besides the fact that I spent $150 on them...... is because of the core activation that I felt. I wasn't expecting  to feel challenged in my stomach or abs area, but because of the high steps I had to take while walking, I was forced to squeeze my stomach virtually the entire time. There is also a balance issue. If you just flop along and don't pay attention to your posture, you will fall.

 if you're interested in going snowshoeing I recommend purchasing snowshoes from  either Sno Haus or EMS (Eastern Mountain sports). They will cost you anywhere from $90- $250  depending upon how much you weigh.

 I suggest you use my warm-up video before you head out to snowshoe

 If you have done snowshoeing before please tell me about your experience.

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