by Matt Basso | January 2014

5 Reasons You’re NOT Burning Fat

It’s 2014 and if you’re at all human you maybe looking to start off the new year with a healthy mindset. Of course the obvious move is to join a gym. While I agree it’s a great start, it’s certainly not the answer.


Being healthy has a variety of meanings, however it’s evident that burning body fat plays a big role in everyones goals...And for good reason. Unnecessary body fat can not only look bad, but it can cause many unwanted health problems.

There could be many reasons you’re not losing the fat. Just joining a gym or working out  alone isn’t the answer. You have to consider many variables when looking to create an environment that’s effective for fat loss. With that in mind I came up with my top 5 reasons you could be failing to get the results you want.


5 reasons you're not burning fat:

1: your’e eating to much fruit!

Yeah Yeah, I know, everyone on a “diet” is eating a ton of fruit and their being told it’s ok. It’s not. Fruit today isn’t like what it was in our hunter gather days. These days most fruit is pumped full of hormones and developed into giant sugar sacks. They look really delicious, and of course taste great because its like candy.

Fruit wasn’t like this long ago. A berry was small and bitter. It probably contained a fraction of the fructose it contains today.

If you’re a naturally lean person who finds it hard to gain weight then sugar in small doses can be healthy. However if you're looking to lose fat you should limit your fruit intake. Your liver will store only as much glycogen as it can. After that, whatever is left over will get stored as fat.


2: You’re not varying your training properly.

In any effective fat burning program you will have a combination of strength work (heavy lifting) and conditioning work (metabolic conditioning/ interval training).

If you don’t lift for strength you can’t get to the point where shorter, more intense high intensity interval training type of workouts effect your overall fat burn potential. The reason for this is because you’ll lack the strength to put out the power you need in a short amount of time to get your heart rate cranking and really tax your body

On the flip side...If you do too much cardio you’ll be overloaded with the hormone cortisol. Making too much of this stress hormone will keep your body from recovering from workout to workout. You may not feel the traditional symptoms of “over training”, but you won’t see the results you want either.

Increased cortisol is a principal cause of belly fat. Do you want belly fat? NO! of course you don’t. In fact, It seems everyone wants six pack abs.

Controlled Cortisol means REDUCED BELLY FAT!


3:You’re not getting enough sleep.

If you get a restful sleep you can increase your insulin sensitivity which will help you manage glucose in your body. This ultimately leads to burning fat more efficiently.

When you sleep you release critical growth hormones that not only help you recover from workouts, but also the basic stresses of daily life. This hormone boost that occurs while in a restful sleep helps your body become a fat burning machine. Think puberty.
Unfortunately many people burn the candle at both ends. I think FOMO or fear of missing out really does exist. I’ve fallen victim to it myself. The reality is that proper sleep makes everything better.


4: Too much snacking.

The bottom line is that most of us eat too much.

Certainly too many crabs are a factor. Most people’s insulin sensitivity is bad to begin with. Add horribly processed foods plus low activity to that mix and you’ve got a recipe for fat gain.

It is true that eating frequently can boost your metabolism, however most snacks end up becoming meals. If you’re truly trying to lose weight instead of eating the bag of almonds, just eat 10. If that’s too difficult because you are someone who needs more food discipline, then skip the snack entirely. You’ll be better off.


5: You’re not drinking enough water.

Right now as you’re reading this you’re probably dehydrated. Water is essential for your organs to work properly. For example, if you don’t have enough water to filter out your kidneys, they won’t work properly. In this case you send your liver into overdrive and are more likely to store fat.

Additionally, no matter how well you’re eating, if you’re not hydrated you won’t stay regular. Water is fuel for your body. It allows you to “turn on” all of your bodies amazing processes. From expelling food, to transporting nutrients, water is necessary.

I’ve heard many different opinions on how much water one should have. Eight glasses, two liters, half your weight in ounces, etc, etc. The truth is everybody is different depending on height, weight, and activity level just to name a few. So unless you have some serious alignment I’d say grab a gallon of water and go to town on that thing all day. You may not finish it but it’s  a great reminder to keep drinking and plenty if you do.

Enjoy Your Fat Burn!

Love Ya


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