by Matt Basso | April 2012

3 Ways to Increase Fat Loss When Fat Loss is Difficult for You.

For some People Fat Loss is just plain difficult. It may be easy to put on muscle, run long distances, and even eat very little but for some reason the ft loss isn't happening.


Here are three things you can focus on right now to increase the rate of your fat loss.

1. Do shorter workouts. Yes I said spend less time working out. I've said it before, fat loss is about controlling hormones. If you workout too much you are actually hurting yourself. Remember when you exercise you are breaking down tissue and when you recover is when your hormones are kicking in...SO...instead of spending hours working out try doing short intense bursts of conditioning with a combination of light added resistance ( dumbbell or a kettlebell) and body weight exercises. When I say short bursts I mean somewhere between 5 and 8 mins of complex movements that get your heart rate very high..Followed by equal or more rest time and then repeat maybe 2 more times. If your conditioning routine is well planned then this with burn fat and increase your endurance without a doubt. Don't waist the rest time. Use those mins to work on mobility and flexibility.


2. Try a different style of eating. Even if you only do it for a week you can shock your body into fat loss mode. If you've never tried the Paleo way of eating do it for a week. If you've never gone vegetarian try that. The idea here is that sometimes your body just needs a change in diet as well as exercise. You may be someone that eats "very healthy" but your meals are repetitive and therefore rich in the same nutrients and have the same carb to fat to protein ratios. Mix it up...If only for a week.

3. On Days that you don't exercise DON'T EAT CARBS...EAT PROTEIN AND FATS. Fats don't make you fat...Sugar does. When we exercise we control insulin levels better and therefor can handle more carbs. Days we don't exercise we are more susceptible to hanging on to unwanted fat storage. The trick is that your body knows to release and utilize fat for energy when more fat comes in. The trouble arises when sugar (carbs) enters and messes with hormone levels (insulin), then there's confusion. I'm against no carb, I'm all about control carb. Save your protein and carb rich meals for workout days around exercise time and eat protein and healthy fats like avocado or nuts on non exercise days. This will help you burn fat daily



Try to execute these 3 fat loss tricks and even if fat loss is difficult for you I can guarentee you'll see changes.

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