by Matt Basso | May 2012

3 Exercises to Accelerate Fat Loss

If you want to maximize your ability to increase fat loss you're gonna have to choose the proper exercises.


If you read my blog   then you remember I introduced the idea of shorter more intense bouts of exercise for fat loss. I've decided to give you an example of three exercises you can combine to burn that belly fat and accelerate fat loss

The coolest thing is that you could do this at home. So, if you're crunched for time and still want to make fat loss a part of your day then this how to do it.

All you need is about the space of a yoga mat. Set up anywhere, your living room, bedroom, dining room, or even out side, it doesn't matter.


If you have some dumbbells or a kettlebell great use those. If you don't, grab some cans of food or bottles of water. We aren't concerend with heavey loading in this circuit. If you don't have anything to hold then do the exercises empty handed and add a set of push-ups between the squat presses and moutain climbers.


Metabolic Fat Burn Circuit

1. Alternating Step Back Lunges 

20 reps total (ten on each leg)

  • Keep the tempo fast
  • Make the lunges deep

2. Squat Press

15 reps (use light weights or bottles whatever you have)

  • Keep the tempo slow
  • Squat deep
  • Stand up completely at the top of the motion

3. Mountain Climbers   

30 seconds

  • Keep the tempo medium
  • Keep your stomach tight
  • Try to limit the movement of your lower back

*Remember if you do the Squat Presses without holding anything add 10 push-ups to the circuit*


Do this Fat Burn Circuit for 8 rounds as quickly as possible.


Only take rest when absolutely needed.


Pay attention to your tempos.


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