Matthew Basso President of Iron Lotus Personal Training

With years of martial arts, sports, and personal training experience, I set out to create the ultimate wellness program. Combining the knowledge I have gained through each discipline, I have developed a system of personal training that can be customized for maximum results. The system I designed is called “ANSWER” (Advanced Nervous System Wellness for Energy and Rejuvenation). Participants of my training system are asked to perform specific exercises in carefully formulated progressions that will bring personal performance to new levels. ANSWER incorporates food coaching and meal delivery as well as Thai yoga massage.

This collective package covers all facets of true Personal Training to ensure that goals are accomplished. My work experience as the Personal Training Manager at Equinox fitness club in Roslyn, NY presented me with a challenge. How do I help people understand that exercise alone is not a clear path to optimal health? The solution….My ANSWER system! Specialized personal training, meal delivery and coaching, in one package, custom fit to your needs so you can LIVE IT!