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May 3rd in home workout Part 1 - Workout at home during the coronavirus pandemic

Workout at home during the coronavirus pandemic. Safe effective workouts at home are great. You can buy some dumbbells or kettlebells easily online. You can also use your emergency canned food as weights too. Enjoy this online workout. This is part 1 of a 2 part workout. just search in the media section for Part 2 of this workout.

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Latest blog entry by Matt Basso | November 2018

Can You Control Your Sympathetic Nervous System and Your Innate Immune System?

Auto immune diseases are becoming more common. People are expierenceing elevated anxiety and stress levels at an alarming rate, and generally speaking it seems that many people don't sleep well and feel as though they have less energy.

Additionally, for me it feels like I'm hearing about suicide more often as well. Depression isn't uncommon and comes in many forms.

I really wanted to write this post to simply point you in the direction of this interesting study that took place in Dec. of 2013. Basically Wim Hof trained a random group of individiuals with his breathing method over a short period of time. They and a control group were injected with an endotoxin (basically a dead bacteria that in most cases illicits a flu like response (inflammation, headaches, nausea, fever.etc etc). During the study the doctors looked at levels of hormones, white blood cells (Leukocytes), and proteins (plasma cytokines) and recorded all of them.

Read the study here.


The bottom line is that those who knew how to use the Wim Hof Method and were trained by Wim suffered much less symptoms than the group without a breathing practice.


In fact one of the conclusions that you can read said...


"It appears that mainly the breathing techniques used by the trained individuals account for the increase in epinephrine and subsequent attenuation of the inflammatory response"


These findings are nothing short of amazing and I know more publications are coming.


If a simple breathing practice can have such amazing results when the body is faced with a nasty injection imagine what a regular breathing routine could do for your general health.


Just Breathe!!!

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